Appiell is a comprehensive digital product addressing your skincare & aesthetic needs. Simplicity and femininity are significant aspects of their business that we incorporated into their overall brand designs.


Monkee’s of the Pines is a charming southern boutique located in a small town. As a local business, they faced challenges in expanding their reach and connecting with their target audience beyond their immediate community. Seeking to enhance their online presence and increase brand visibility, Monkee’s of the Pines partnered with Know Your Worth Media.

good looks music fest

Know Your Worth Media had the pleasure of collaborating with Good Looks Music Festival, an exciting annual event that showcases a diverse range of musical talents. Our partnership aimed to maximize event awareness and reach by implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing both organic and paid social advertising. As the sole marketing agency responsible for event set up and promotion, we eagerly took on the challenge of ensuring the festival’s success.