Good Looks Music Fest Uses KYWM Social Media &
Advertising Services to drive ticket sales


Know Your Worth Media had the pleasure of collaborating with Good Looks Music Festival, an exciting annual event that showcases a diverse range of musical talents. Our partnership aimed to maximize event awareness and reach by implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing both organic and paid social advertising. As the sole marketing agency responsible for event set up and promotion, we eagerly took on the challenge of ensuring the festival’s success.


The primary goal of our collaboration was to significantly boost the event’s visibility and attract a larger audience. To achieve this, we employed a multifaceted approach that integrated organic and paid social advertising, leveraging our expertise in event marketing and digital advertising.

Strategies Deployed:

Know Your Worth Media devised a tailored marketing campaign for Good Lucks Music Festival by building anticipation via social media. Once anticipation was established, we moved through the marketing funnel and focused on consideration and conversion campaigns. We advertised the festival starting 60 days out. We highlighted key components that would make this a special event for someone.

Comprehensive Event Setup:

Organic Social Media Marketing:

Paid Social Advertising Campaign:

Results & Outcomes:


The collaboration between Good Looks Music Festival and Know Your Worth Media demonstrated the power of a comprehensive marketing strategy in elevating event awareness and achieving exceptional results. By leveraging both organic and paid social advertising, we successfully spread awareness, engaged the target audience, and exceeded event expectations. The combined efforts of our team and the Good Looks Music Festival organizers led to a truly memorable and successful event that left a lasting impression on attendees and stakeholders alike.